Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ready, Set...GO!

Welcome all. Having just attended the all important presenters meeting, I am getting quite excited about the show which starts this coming Monday the 21st of Feb. I am opening the indie nights which means that everyone should stayed tuned until at least 12am for the best night on radio ever and catch some great indie tunes on SYN. I do mean to be pretentious by creating this site, but I don't want to pretend I am the indie music master. I love it and I do have extensive knowledge on it, but probably not as much as some of you who are tuning in. So, comments and criticisms are greatly accepted. Just be prepared to cop the abuse back ;)

That said, this week I will have an album review on The Dears' debut 'No Cities Left' and will be continuing the 'feature album review' every week on the show. The Walkmen appeared on The O.C. tonight. What a delight. I'll be playing a song of theirs on the show that'll have you thinking of Seth Cohen in no time.

If you think you can't tune in cos you don't live in Melbourne, the best city in Australia, then head over to www.syn.org.au and they will get you connected; internet radio streaming. God loves technology.

So get your ears ready music lovers. Get Excited!


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