Monday, March 07, 2005

Week Three

"world, the time has come to...push the button"

And push the button I did, thanks to The Chemical Brothers and 'Galvanise'. I just love this song so much, and like I said it's very uncharacteristic of me to play this sort of track on the show, but what a great opener! Really enjoyed myself this week. I played a whole bunch of new tracks from Bloc Party , The Kills and Kaiser Chiefs, who are getting heaps of press over in the UK, another 'buzz' band perhaps. Bloc Party's new album 'Silent Alarm' is fantastic, got some gorgeous tracks on it, and i just love the drums/percussion, so original.

There's so much happening this Thursday night! Of course The Black Keys kick off their 3 shows tomorrow night at The Corner and continue till Friday. Thursday night is what my ticket has printed on it, but have to say I'm disappointed I chose the middle show, as Paul Dempsey from Something For Kate is playing a rare solo gig at The Northcote Social Club. Probably be trying some new tunes too! Oh, I'm so upset. I'll have to listen to one of the many bootlegs I have on the way to The Corner on Thursday night to satisfy my Something For Kate needs. Also, another Tsunami benefit conert is on at The Hifi bar, featuring Epicure, The Reservations, The Wellingtons and more. So you have no excuse to be sitting at home on Thursday night in Melbourne.

I aired my Doves album review from 'Some Cities', an exquisite UK album. Here's hoping they'll come down to our waters and tour it very soon. Next I think I will be doing The Arcade Fire's 'Funeral', another buzz band that I want to see actually live up to their hype.

Cover song was a great one: Ryan Adams with Wonderwall. He does it so beautifully, like he does everything really. I did hear tho, that when Liam Gallagher found out about the cover, he was so disgusted that he refused to play the song live again! Don't quote me on that one, I 'heard' it, cannot verify the facts though. Once again, post a suggestion about future cover songs to end the show with!!

Thanks a lot to El, on Music is my Radar, for calling me up and having an on-air live discussion about the brilliant Dears show last Wednesday night, something that I saved $40 on cos she got on the doorlist and I was her very special guest! Pretty much all I had to say was that it was a great show, and Murry is a very enigmatic frontman, and the bassist is very cute! Oh, and band's should play their back catalogue dammit!

Possible interview with 78 Saab coming up!

Playlist for Monday 7th March:

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanise
Maximo Park - The coast is always changing
The Music - Freedom Fighters
Bloc Party - So here we are
The Kills - The good ones
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh my god
The Faint - Desperate Guys
Phoenix - Run, run, run
The Black Keys - 10 AM Automatic
Something For Kate - Big screen television
Epicure - So Broken
Flamingo Crash - Yes? Yes? Yes?
Doves - Walk in fire
Dan Brodie - The Player
The Sleepy Jackson - Rain falls for wind
My Disco - Inhaler
Elbow - Red
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (original by Oasis)

Album Review: Doves - 'Some Cities'

The first two albums by Manchester trio Doves contain some pearler tracks, but somehow the ambience generated throughout the music clouded the songs and many tracks just seemed to be fillers between the outstanding ones. Fortunately, the third album by Doves, entitled ‘Some Cities’, is much more consistent, with richly textured songs that are foreboding, yet altogether beautiful.

The songs on ‘Some Cities’ are still soaked in sparse atmospherics but they do not drown the music. Instead, catchy guitar hooks and the trademark Doves thumping drum beat are prominent and uplifting. The opening title track has a sense of urgency, with an insistent drum rhythm and melodic, joyful guitar, the song keeps building as each verse travels by. Second track and first single ‘Black and White Town’ keeps the beat up, the drums pounding over a simple soul strutting piano, with effects bursting randomly. Lyrics like "In satellite towns/There's no color and no sound" depict the dull life of living in the cities for these Manchester lads.

Doves music is often streaked with a darkness and anxiety, created by haunting atmospheres underlying the songs. Some Cities is no exception. ‘The Storm’ is surrounded by subtle orchestration, while final song Ambition is engulfed with eerie soundscapes. Jimi Goodwin’s voice, while not being the main attraction in the Doves music, has a dreary, melancholy feel, which adds to this slightly apprehensive mood the Doves create.

‘Snowden’ incorporates a divine angelic choir in an otherwise wordless chorus, easily sweeping you off your feet with driving guitar melodies. ‘Walk in Fire’ is reminiscent of the Doves previous album ‘Last Broadcast’ and is easily the most exquisite track on the album. It begins solitary and refined, gradually gaining momentum and the sonic guitar lick popping up here and there is the small gem in the song.

‘Some cities’ is bursting at the seams with intricate arrangements and rhythmic, pounding drum beats, keeping with the classic Doves sound. But altogether it is a progression of Lost Souls and The Last Broadcast, an album that is much more direct and focused.


Blogger El said...

Beautiful review as usual! Ah!

Just thought I'd thank you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me. Ah the cycle makes me dizzy but what fun, really!

I heard someone say we said "Yeah" too much in our gig review. But in the same sentence they said they found Spiro unfunny and I say "pecfic" a lot. If that's the case their comments are unqualified, hm.

I have a fantabulous idea for indie night that I've been thinking about.. I'll talk to you on msn and ask you what you think. Will be listening in to tomorrow's show! Have a blast, El x

7:47 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Missed half of the show but it was still good. I (heart) the Black Keys, but you already knew that, I'm sure!

Oh, and your show is quite impressive too El - keep up the good work.

3:53 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Wait, that should've been under week 4. Meh.

4:01 AM  
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