Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Week Five

Wow, had so much fun this week! Thank you so much Simon, the people's poet, and my lovely guest programmer on the show. It was good to break up my voice a bit with his random, poetic thoughts. Apologies for playing the wrong REM track, however, I think it worked out to Simon's advantage as we consequently had a back to back session of his favourite band. I enjoyed myself immensely and you're welcome to come back anytime Simon!

The People's Poet

Also, special thanks to Bianca, who sat in the studio to observe the fine art of radio programming, for her support, laughter and authority over the SMS page. Thanks to all those who SMSed in! It's always lovely getting SMS...

Big show next week! I am airing an interview I had with Ben Nash, the singer/guitarist from Sydney band 78 Saab. We chat about the release of their new album, Crossed Lines, the media and what a 'stooge' Andrew Bolt is! Be sure to tune in next week!

Playlist for Monday 21st March:

The Rapture - Olio
This is your life (Fight Club Soundtrack)
Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
Johnny Cash - What is truth?
Belle and Sebastian - Step into my office, baby
Brian Johnstown Massacre - All around you
Tom Waits - The piano has been drinking (not me)
Youth Group - Booth Street
The Fragments - You saw me fall
Dirty Three - Red
Built to Spill - I would hurt a fly
Sleepy Jackson - You've got no more days left
Dios Malos - You got me all wrong
REM - Begin the begin
REM - The Flowers of Guatemala
The Postal Service - We will become silhouettes
You Am I - Ordinary
The Dandy Warhols - Good Morning
Radiohead - Sunday Bloody Sunday (original by U2)


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