Monday, July 11, 2005

Week Twentyone

The A-Z of indie this week. Surprisingly I fit in the 26 songs very comfortably. Below is by no means a definitive list, I had to leave many a great indie band out. That said I thought I'd go for more established indie bands, leaving out the current new new wave, or whatever, of the UK that I play so much anyway. Inclusion is exclusion. Anyway, thanks for the SMS, especially to E, who says they listen every week and gave me great suggestions for some letters. Much appreciated. So here's the indie alphabet soup:

Arcade Fire - Tunnels
Beck - Girl
The Cure - Lovesong
Death Cab For Cutie - I was a Kaleidoscope
Elbow - Powder Blue
Flaming Lips - Race for the Prize
Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
P.J. Harvey - This is Love
Interpol - Slow Hands
Joy Division - Transmission
Kings of Leon - The Bucket
Les Savy Fav - Hold on to Your Genre
Modest Mouse - The View
Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) - First Day of my Life
The Pixies - Gauge Away
Q and not U - Wonderful People
Radiohead - 2+2=5
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Tears for Fears - Mad World
The Unicorns - I was Born a Unicorn
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer
Xiu Xiu - Crank Heart
Yo La Tengo - Here Comes my Baby
The Zutons - Pressure Point

And the Cover song! The Shins - We Will Become Silhouettes (original by The Postal Service)

Last show next week! It's a great one, I'm going to play my fav tunes of this year plus sneak in some snippets of previous shows where I've had guest programers. Tune in!


Blogger Ryan said...

Yay for Velvet Underground!

4:38 AM  
Anonymous greer said...

hey amanda! sounds like i've been missing out on some freakin sweet shows! i feel like i'm walking around with some kind of empty feeling inside my soul and there is no way to mend it. bummer. but its good to see you've been keeping the dedicated indy spirit alive. i miss you and you're O.C. antics. be seeing you soon. looking forward to our interpol shows! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you so much Miss Amanda! Show looks fantabulous! Queen was mindblowing, Eli! xxxx

5:27 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

my two fav indie girls both overseas and both leaving me lovely comments. thank u so much for ur kind words! dammit why can't be over with u guys!! My last show is next week and I have both you guys featured in it! Snippets from the shows you guys were on! take care! xo

7:40 PM  

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