Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Week Six

It was a pretty big show this week, one I was quite excited about. I aired my first interview for the show with Ben Nash, the singer and guitarist for Sydney band 78 Saab. We chatted about the new album 'Crossed Lines', the long delay between the release of their first album 'Picture a hum, can't hear a sound' and 'Crossed Lines' and of course, the uncontrollable force that is the media. 78 Saab recently featured in Andrew Bolt's column, a journalist for Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper. Bolt wrote about the recent riots in Sydney and correlates bands like 78 Saab, who he described as living out the irresponsible drunken rockstar cliche, with such events. Obviously Ben didn't appreciate the bizarre correlation but took it on the chin, concluding that once a band's songs and quotes are out there it's all public property. Ultimately they gained more exposure through the article and provided some interesting interview banter! Check the Oz Music Project website in the next couple of days to read my article on the interview! Thanks to Ben Nash.

Rockin the 'burbs: 78 Saab

I had a special segment for my little brother, Jake, the cool skater dude that lives in the room next door to mine. Finally he is started to appreciate the art that is muzak and I decided to celebrate this with Art Brut's very cool tune 'My Little Brother' just discovered rock and roll! Keep it up Jake, you'll soon be as pretentious as all the indie kids I know.

Happy Birthday to Elle, who turned 20 on the airwaves, this Tuesday 29th March. Of course Elle is the brains behind Music is my Radar (10-12 Monday nights), a very cool indie show that everyone needs to tune in to. Hope you liked my Beatles loving.

Playlist for Monday 28th march:

Bluebottle Kiss - Return to the city of folded arms
The Bravery - An honest mistake
Low - California
Moving Units - Available
78 Saab - Like it was before
78 Saab - Beat of your drum
Art Brut - My little brother
The Killers - Mr Brightside
The Mountain Goats - Palmcorder Yajna
Nations by the River - Boy
78 Saab - All a Lie
The Beatles - Birthday
Red Jezebel - Joyful Possibility
78 Saab - Cops
Afghan Whigs - Fountain and Fairfax
Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights (original by The Postal Service)


Blogger Ryan said...

I'm not pretentious, I just love pretentious music :P

I'd only heard the acoustic version of that BBK song, and I actually prefer it. Afghan Whigs track was great too.

6:31 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

You should check out more tracks from 'Gentlemen', the Afghan Whigs album. They're very cool. I must pass on more bbk songs to you, they are quite amazing ;)
thanks for listening!

mmm, slurpees hehe

5:03 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Damnit, now I wish I had a slurpee.

5:39 AM  
Blogger El said...

Gah i've had an utter Slurpee overdose Amanda. 3 Slurpees in 3 days. Ugh.

Thank you so very much for your birthday wishes & your Beatles song! Ah I think I will recline with A Hard Days Night this evening, mmm.. The show was v fab also, I want more 67/68/78 Saab/Special action! Now!

Sunday was such incredible fun & we really must indulge in more indieclubnight action! Catchu soon!

9:25 AM  
Blogger El said...

You're back!! Yeah!

I've updated so check it out. Let me know how Bright Eyes is tonight. Those BrightEyesLookalikes will be in trouble, I know it...

12:16 AM  

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